About Turul Ventures

The Turul venture capital, VC connects passionate inventors with discerning investors on a democratized platform, eliminating traditional investment barriers and accelerating the path from visionary idea to market reality. Our passion is to shape the future with a powerful alloy of innovation and creativity. If you are an inventor who possesses an exciting, innovative idea, but need financial and networking support to realize it, we are here to help. We believe that the value of ideas is not determined by the size of our wallets. We finance great ideas to bring them to life in reality. Get in touch with us and let's create the future together... 
Your Partner in Growth

Our Mission

Turul Venture Capital is more than just an investment group; we are the leaders of a movement aimed at shaping the future through the power of innovation and creativity. Our goal is to connect passionate inventors with discerning investors, eliminating traditional investment barriers and accelerating the path to market for revolutionary ideas.

We believe  that great ideas should not be lost due to a lack of funding. The value of ideas is not determined by the size of our wallets. Every exciting and innovative idea deserves the opportunity to become a reality, and we are here to make that happen.

At Turul, our mission is to support talent and innovation, shape the future together, and drive the changes in the world. Join us, and let's create the future together!



At Turul VC, we deeply understand the challenges of building a company. In the realization of innovative ideas, inventors and founders often face difficult decisions. We are present not only as investors but also as experienced fellow travelers, and we strive to support and understand our partners. Empathy is not just an abstract concept for us; it is the foundation of relationship-building and success.


We recognize that success is not automatic, and we do not have all the answers. We work with deep respect for the founders and their teams, knowing that their creativity and persistence are the real driving forces.

We never forget that the privilege of being part of these exciting journeys carries responsibility. There's no room for complacency or arrogance; instead, we operate in the spirit of collaboration and learning.

At Turul, humility means working together as partners to realize great ideas, while always remaining open to new lessons and growth. By taking nothing for granted, we strive every day to be the best we can be for the founders and their teams.

Winning as a Mindset

Winning is not just a goal, but an attitude. We are as ambitious as our founders, and we know that success requires passion, persistence, and creative thinking. The mindset of winning inspires us and our partners to aim high and work hard to realize our dreams. At Turul, winning is what propels both us and our clients forward on the path to success.


One Goal, One Passion, One Team Spirit

At Turul VC, every employee, investor, and partner is part of a shared vision. The "One Goal, One Passion, One Team Spirit" philosophy expresses the common commitment and passion that binds us together. More than a business, we are a community where we all head in the same direction: towards realizing ideas that shape the future. Through cultivating respect and collaboration, we strive to make our partners' dreams a reality.

Passion for Perfection

We believe in continuous improvement and exceptional results. "Passion for Perfection" is more than just a slogan; it's the philosophy that dictates every decision and activity we make. We know that greatness doesn't happen by chance, but rather through dedicated work, precision, and an uncompromising attitude. In every project, every investment, we strive for the best possible result, never settling for less. The secret to our success is that we never forget that perfection is a continuous pursuit, and we are always ready to move forward and elevate the standards to new heights.

Authentic Commitment

At Turul VC, "Authentic Commitment" is not mere wordplay. It's a core principle that guides our relationships, decisions, and actions. It means that we stand behind everything we do, executing with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Every relationship we build with our partners, investors, and innovators is characterized by honest communication, mutual respect, and collaboration aimed at long-term success. We believe that genuine and authentic commitment not only strengthens business relationships but also helps in achieving shared goals.

At Turul, "Authentic Commitment" is not just a expected standard; it's the core of our operation. We believe that true success can only be achieved if there is a real, meaningful purpose behind business activities, and we take pride in following this principle at every step.